Stop on Seminary Street

Stop on Seminary Street This is a day of easy shopping, whether you enjoy window shopping or purchasing gifts for everyone you know. There are plenty of shops within walking distance of the shops listed in this adventure, so feel free to wander around! Finish off the day with a cocktail at the Craft on […]

Spend a Day & Only $20

Spend a Day in Galesburg for Less Than $20 This adventure takes you on a short walk-through downtown Galesburg. Starting with a cup of coffee, make your way through the historic architecture of the buildings downtown, and then wander through the Galesburg Antiques Mall. Lastly, travel back in time to Coney Island to have a […]

Small Town, Big City

Small Town Experience with Big City Atmosphere You don’t have to go to a big city to get all the good stuff. We’ve been everywhere and were able to find an incredible one-of-a-kind dinner experience at Craft on Seminary Street in Galesburg. We also were able to share our love for coffee with the owner […]

Railroading Fun

Railroading Fun If you love riding the rails or have never ridden the rails and want to this adventure is for you. Enjoy a real-life railroad town, learn about the history of the railroad at the town’s railroad museum, and meet the people that call Galesburg home. Enjoy a meal at the local brewery, Iron […]

Getaway to Galesburg

Getaway to Galesburg A weekend getaway in Galesburg, Illinois, offers a diverse range of activities and attractions to enjoy. Whether you’re a history buff, nature lover, or simply looking for a relaxing time, Galesburg has something for everyone. On Saturday morning, start your day by exploring art at the local museums or strolling through the […]

Gastronomic in Galesburg

Gastronomic in Galesburg Galesburg is a small city with a big appetite for art, culture, and cuisine. Every stop and every bite was an adventure. Landmark Cafe, El Barril, Koreana, and Cornucopia Deli provided a satisfying international food experience without leaving Galesburg. All of these restaurants are worth visiting and guaranteed to leave your culinary […]

24 Hours in Downtown

24 Hours in Downtown Galesburg There are so many amazing ways to spend 24 hours in Downtown Galesburg. You can start your day painting pottery, shopping at locally owned shops and end it with a live show at the historic Orpheum Theatre. Seminary Street is an exploration on its own, with energy readings, souvenir shops, […]

Count to 10,000!

Count to 10,000! Plan on spending a full day in downtown Galesburg as there are many shops to check out as well as a number of coffee shops and restaurants for refueling. You will also have no trouble meeting the daily recommended number of steps, 10,000 as downtown Galesburg is designed for walking. From colorful […]

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