Galesburg Brewery Tour

Galesburg Brewery Hopping

This adventure is for the brewery and beer lovers. The breweries in Galesburg are all within walking distance of each other, which allows for a fun (and walkable!) afternoon of trying out some great brews. Beyond the breweries, be on the lookout for the G-Ales-Burg Beer Festival which made its debut in May of 2023. This event featured 25+ local breweries, with proceeds from the event going to the Vascular Birthmarks Foundations. Check it out and have a beer for a cause!


Stop 1: Reserve Artisan Ales

Reserve Artisan Ales is a unique brewery that offers pour-your-own beverages from a taproom bus as seen in these photos. The venue offers an industrial vintage vibe with a spacious patio. They often host live music, and there is plenty of space for lawn games, so bring your friends! Reserve Artisan Ales hosted the first annual G-ALES-BURG Beer Fest on May 6th, 2023 in The Vault event space. This included 85 local beers and two local food trucks. The festival brought in nearly 350 people to Reserve Artisan Ales. This is a must-do for Midwest beer lovers, watch for it in 2024!

Pro tip: The taps are housed in a 1960s Peoria charter bus!






Stop 2: Iron Spike Brewing Company

Have you ever imagined what a firehouse from the 1900s would look like? Iron Spike Brewing Company takes the distinctive features of the restored firehouse and adds its own fire and flare with its flagship brews. My favorite beer from Iron Spike is the Cherry Lime Kettle Sour, with a color perfectly fitting for the firehouse. The brewery also features a large food menu.

Pro tip: Check out Trivia Thursdays!







Stop 3: Cherry Street Brewing Company

Cherry Street Brewing Company opened its doors in 1984 and is a gem in the Galesburg community. It is located downtown, right in the heart of Galesburg. Walking into this brewery/restaurant is like teleporting back in time. It has an old-school soul and atmosphere, and even the menu is reminiscent of the past, including the prices.

Pro tip: Experience the adventure that is the Safari Room, open on weekends only!



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