Railroading Fun

Railroading Fun

If you love riding the rails or have never ridden the rails and want to this adventure is for you. Enjoy a real-life railroad town, learn about the history of the railroad at the town’s railroad museum, and meet the people that call Galesburg home. Enjoy a meal at the local brewery, Iron Spike, located in a restored fire station that honors the town’s rich railroad history.


Stop 1: Great House of Galesburg

Looking for an adventure? Ride the rails. Galesburg was and is still a hub for the railroads including Amtrak from Galesburg, a true railroad town. You can take the train either east or west. Come a day early to appreciate this railroad town and stay at the Great House, a B&B with four spacious bedrooms on the second floor. Guests are encouraged to roam around the two-story Victorian-style house as there are many beautiful features to appreciate and there are secrets to be found. On the second-floor landing, guests will find a stocked coffee bar and fresh water replenished every day. There are even individual packets of crackers for a late-night snack. The rooms are comfortable and the bed even more comfortable and they come with all amenities.

Pro tip: Schedule a tour of the house with the owner to hear stories of its history.




Stop 2: The Beanhive

Start your day off with an iced vanilla latte or a cup of coffee and a freshly made cinnamon roll. You will be surprised at this delicious cinnamon roll does not look like a traditional cinnamon roll, instead, it is round and topped with a sweet sugar glaze. A cinnamon roll that is deserving of a purple ribbon at the State Fair! Take time to enjoy talking with the ladies behind the counter and start up a conversation with the locals. Everyone is so friendly is Galesburg, IL.

Pro Tip: Enjoy a book or play a game, compliments of the café. Or, opt to work on your laptop!






Stop 3: Galesburg Railroad Museum

The Galesburg Railroad Museum opens at noon and you definitely want to include a stop in your itinerary. The staff is knowledgeable and super excited about sharing Galesburg’s railroad history. Each item inside the museum has its own story. The museum is operated by former railroad employees and family members with personal stories to share.

Pro tip: Pictures are not allowed inside the museum.







Stop 4: Iron Spike Brewing Company

If you are not a craft brew drinker, don’t let that stop you from visiting Iron Spike Brewing Company, and if you are you are in for a world-class beer. Enjoy a glass of beer or try the restaurant’s beer cheese soup. It is the best which can be attributed to the inhouse beer. Truly a blue-ribbon beer! The brewery serves a locally produced root beer in a frosted mug. Perfectly blended, refreshing, and delicious!

Pro tip: Buy a six-pack to take home.






Stop 4: Amtrak Depot

Schedule your departure time so you have time to explore downtown Galesburg all within walking distance of the Amtrak station You only need to check in 15 minutes before boarding as the lines are not long and there are no security checkpoints to go through. Riding the train will take you back in time and you will arrive at your destination refreshed. All aboard!

Pro Tip: The parking is plentiful and free! 



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