Created from its historic ties to the railroad dating back to 1854, Galesburg is no ordinary city but rather a place where art and culture form the very core of the community. Take a walk down Seminary Street and shop the exciting downtown area. Take in a concert by the Knox-Galesburg Symphony at the Orpheum Theatre. Expand young minds with a visit to the Discovery Depot Children’s Museum. Visit the last remaining site of the Lincoln-Douglas debates at Knox College and the boyhood home of early 20th-century poet laureate Carl Sandburg. Experience the rich rail history at the Galesburg Railroad Museum. Or pass the afternoon hours watching the trains go by.

Galesburg is an ideal stop for people of all ages looking for a unique, affordable getaway. The community’s greatest strength is its unexpected diversity of offerings. More than just a day trip, Galesburg offers engaging experiences for all members of the family. With thriving local businesses, a growing artistic community, deep-rooted history, and charm, the Galesburg area is the perfect year-round tourist destination with engaging experiences for all members of the family.


Chair- Phil Dickinson, Landmark Cafe & Creperie

Vice-Chair- Denise Bradburn, Discovery Depot Children’s Museum


Rod Billings, Bondgard Dekor & Art

Tuesday Cetin, Galesburg Civic Art Center

Karrie Heartlein, Knox College

Julie King, National Railroad Hall of Fame

Tony Oligney-Estill, City of Galesburg Parks & Recreation

John Pritchard, Mayor of Galesburg

Todd Thompson, Galesburg City Manager

John Hunigan, Knox County Board